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Design, style and detail are three words that define the product of Alaplana and make it a reference in the Spanish tile industry. A great investment in human and technological equipment make us a company capable of generating trends in the international markets thanks to attractive finishes and exceptional technical characteristics.

Shower Enclosures


ACQUABELLA presents an innovative, avant-garde new shower design system through which users can custom design shower areas, choosing from a range of made-to-measure shower trays, available in different colours and textures, wall panels, countertops and made-to-measure bathroom units.

With Acquabella’s collection of shower columns, rain shower heads, shower sets, shower enclosures and screens, and bathtubs, you can custom design an exclusive shower area with the emphasis on comfort and design appeal.



Azteca has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing ceramic wall and floor tiles and this experience allows them to forecast that the future relies on continuous adaptation to change, demanding all concentration of efforts to be in innovation, in all facets of the company. It is by doing that that Azteca can insist on being recognized in a different way by each every one of their valued customers.



Thanks to the passion and intuition of Mario Bongio, a small factory was set up in the heart of Novara province in 1936. HQ Brass, historical Murano glass crafts and crystal have given the company its unique character. Bongio has always considered taps and bathroom fittings in a more comprehensive manner, approaching the subject in its entirety rather than dealing with it as a collection of distinct pieces, quite separate from one another. The products are produced in Italy and many of Bongio’s pieces are considered to be icons of design.

Bath Tubs


From the late 1800’s into the 1900’s, Britain led the way in bathroom design and performance. Burlington bathrooms bring a complete collection of traditional bathroom products for you to create a classical, British bathroom from eras of great design. Their range is extensive and allows you to create a look and feel to suit your personal choice, safe in the knowledge that these are all designed to co-ordinate together perfectly.

Bath Tubs


Carron Bathrooms is the UK’s premier bath manufacturer. Every bath is hand finished to the exact standards that have been their benchmark since the first Carron works opened in 1759. Since then, Carron have been at the forefront of modern bath design and as techniques change and new processes emerge, Carron Bathrooms can still be relied on to produce baths with skill and precision, never losing sight of what makes their baths great – craftsmanship. All Carron baths go through an eight-stage process before leaving the factory floor. From moulding to packaging, every stage is monitored and finished by hand. This leaves Carron so confident in their products that they offer a minimum 20-year guarantee on every Carron bath.

Bath Tubs

Clearwater Baths

Clearwater have used international designers to bring together a stunning and elegant range of free-standing baths using the finest materials and engineering. Their innovative material

ClearStone has a lustrous finish across modern and classic designs, whereas velvety Natural Stone allows for refined edges and more complex designs across a selection of baths and basins. Choose from modern designs that reflect today’s contemporary styles, or Classic free-standing, roll top designs with period style.


Cotto D’Este

Cotto d’Este was established in 1993 in Sassuolo by Paolo Mussini, founder and currently Managing Director of the company, for the purpose of creating a new trademark in a new and unexplored segment of the ceramics sector extremely high quality porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles for the top level and luxury areas of the market.

The philosophy of Cotto D’Este has always been aimed at combining aesthetics with an exceedingly high quality. To this, one must add an innate vocation towards beauty, which has accompanied the company over the years. To this end, the company has continuously evolved to finally gain a leading position in the field of top range floor and wall tiles


Equipe Ceramicas

Founded in September 27, 1999, EQUIPE CERAMICAS, SL was created to meet the demands of a growing niche market for decorative borders. EQUIPE ‘s vision is to be the leading company in the sector of small format, providing added value with a high design load, a real commitment to the client and transparency, proximity and flexibility that make EQUIPE to be a company tailored to their times and constantly evolving.

Sanitary Ware

Ceramica Flaminia

In 1954, when the Civita Castellana ceramic industry workers went on strike and their demands for better salaries came to nothing, 23 young workers decided to start a company of their own. Ceramica Flaminia was born and in January 1955 it began producing sanitary ware.

Since then, this company never stopped searching for new technical and stylistic solutions for its ceramic products. The recent collaborations with famous Italian designers such as Alessandro Mendini and Paola Navone, and international ones, such as the Nendo studio and Jasper Morrison, are evidence that Flaminia intends to continue making design sanitary ware, entirely manufactured in Italy, in the belief that such characteristics are fully appreciated by the market.

Faucets & Accessories

Fratelli Frattini

The history of Fratelli Frattini begins in 1958 in San Maurizio d’Opaglio (NO) thanks to the foresight of the brothers Pier Luigi, Benito and Giuseppino Frattini, supported by their father Maurizio: a long tradition based on tenacity and talent. They have always been consistent in proposing high quality sanitary fittings and by being innovative in their technical features and aesthetics, the company has introduced over the years many important technical and design innovations.

In the Fratelli Frattini sanitary fittings, functionality and creativity coexist, creating different and original effects, aimed at solving application performance and furnishing needs.

Sanitary Ware

Gruppo Sanitari Italia

GSI ceramica is well-known for design, quality and innovation in bathroom fixtures and fittings. Moving beyond tradition, with the sole aim of making the best possible product. GSI ceramic offers its customers reliable, complete and innovative bathroom furnishing solutions with its vast range of products. Cutting-edge production technologies, effective quality control system, practical design: these are the qualities that make GSI ceramica the ideal partner for providing bathroom furnishing solutions that can satisfy customers’ needs. A choice that rewards the unquestionable value of Italian production.

Faucets & Accessories

Hansa Armaturen GMBH

Hansa Armaturen GmbH specialises in the manufacture of high-quality, innovative sanitary fittings for the bathroom and kitchen. The traditional company with headquarters in Stuttgart stands over a hundred years for the highest quality, functionality and unique design. “Experience water” is the philosophy that HANSA stands for. Its repertoire ranges from simple classics to award-winning designer mixers for exceptional bathroom worlds.

Sanitary Ware


The production of ceramics in Znojmo, southeastern Czech Republic, started in the 19th century, thus regarded as the oldest in continental Europe. Back then, the figural and decorative elements produced were a much celebrated testament to the remarkable skills of the local craftsmen. Shortly after 1920, the very same specialists pioneered again in the continent by making kiln-fired washbasins, bathtubs and sinks. To date, JIKA creations are manufactured in two Czech factories, located in the towns of Bechyně and long-standing Znojmo.

JIKA is the opportunity to afford a complete Bathroom that couples singular European legacy in design with contemporary technology. High quality, perfect functionality and a comprehensive solution portfolio across price ranges round up our brand’s proposal.

Shower Enclosures

Kermi GMBH

Kermi provides thermal comfort and shower design with unique competence and has been doing so for over 50 years with pioneering achievements and innovations.

Kermi have perfected wet floor systems and shower enclosures and their unique range of types and versions provides you with the appropriate solution for any spatial and living situation. Maximum design and material quality, perfect functionality and being incredibly easy to install are just as important to Kermi as good relations with teir customers. The company is very people-orientated, reliable, committed and strong on service.

Drainage Equipment

Kessel AG

For 50 years KESSEL AG has remained in the hands of its founder and now employs over 450 workers who are competent in the field of indoor and outdoor drainage systems. Kessel are devoted to continuously developing new and innovative products and solutions for your drainage problems.

Commercial Bathroom Equipment


As the technology market leader and a supplier of washroom fixtures and accessories for public sanitary facilities, KWC offers both standard products as well as customized solutions. These meet the highest quality standards and customer requirements. The use of stainless and glass materials underline the commitment of KWC to developing future-proof products.

Franke impresses with its development of touch-free fittings, which are extremely convenient and guarantee significantly improved hygiene conditions. Furthermore, with InoxPlus, KWC has developed the first stainless steel finish that uses nanotechnology to provide a long-lasting, clean surface.

Sanitary Ware


The personality of this highly traditional Swiss brand reflects a symbiosis of design, quality and functionality. LAUFEN, the premium brand under the ROCA umbrella, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers with a global distribution network.

The company’s core competence is its knowledge in the area of sanitary ware manufacturing. Over 120 years, the LAUFEN brand has been using the oldest malleable material known to man to make innovative sanitary products in state-of-the-art plants with legendary Swiss precision. Knowledge of the bathroom as a whole developed from the competence of LAUFEN in ceramics manufacturing, and sophisticated design. What makes LAUFEN products unique at the first glance is that their Swiss design unites two major design trends: emotional Italian design from the south and the northern tradition of design precision and clarity.

For LAUFEN, quality has two aspects: manufacturing knowledge and high degree of practical benefit that the finished bathroom affords the customer.

Bathroom Furniture

Line Art

Established 14 years ago our company has become one of the most respected names in solid wood furniture dedicated to the bathroom. Our philosophy has not changed: using only natural materials including solid oak, teak, stone and high quality cabinet fittings. In addition we employ the latest skills to create, manufacture and control our production processes.

It is a testament to our discerning customers who demand these high standards that Line Art creations can be seen across the world


Metropol Ceramica

At Metropol Ceramica there is an avant-garde attitude that keeps the company open to the latest aesthetic trends and that commits them to the constant updating of their ceramic collections.


Fincibec Spa

Fincibec Group, with its three brands – MONOCIBEC, CENTURY and NAXOS, is a world leader in the ceramic wall and floor tile industrial production sector.

The mission of Fincibec Group is to represent a reference point for the most demanding consumers, offering designers, architects and interior designers the possibility to interpret contemporary design trends in the most efficient and aesthetically captivating way, with maximum versatility.

Its constant and high levels of technological innovation, creativity and technical expertise have allowed Fincibec Group to prove itself as one of the most trustworthy and consistent players in the ceramic production sector in the international panorama.

Commercial Bathroom Solutions

Ponte Giulio

Ponte Giulio has always concentrated its activity in the bathroom sector, which is different for both public and private use, offering a wide range of products and solutions. Forty years dedicated with passion and professionalism to the development of products that can guarantee a safe and comfortable use for each user, recognizable for the taste and care of the details, typical qualities of made in Italy.

Cast Iron Baths


RECOR’s cast iron bathtub range is the main reference for original cast iron bathtub designs. All bathtubs are manufactured according to the strictest quality standards, and use only class AA enamel. With more than 50 years experience manufacturing cast iron bathtubs, RECOR has now expanded its concept to provide customers a complete bathing experience.

Bathroom Furniture

Royo Mobiliario Sa

Royo Group is a company specialized in the bathroom furniture manufacturing. Their mission is to provide the client with innovative, functional and affordable solutions that contribute to their personal well-being in the bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Accessories

Sonia S.A.

Sonia has a passion that goes beyond simply creating unique products for the bath. From accessories and furniture to basins, mirrors, and lights, Sonia believes in creating products with personality that improve people’s lives and their environment. This passion goes beyond the act of creation. Sonia’s concepts become products from abstract ideas, emotions, and insights that their designers have experienced in their everyday lives. If Sonia’s products could be thought of as living objects, then the Sonia spirit boldly flows through their veins, inspiring feeling, thought, and playfulness.

Tiles / Mosaic

Ston srl

Ston was founded in 2003 as a fusion of different experiences, with the aim of combining a global production and an increasingly knowledgeable, demanding and sophisticated market. The constant research made by Ston’s expert team allows them to offer a wide range of collections.


Tau Ceramica

Tau Ceramica offers its clients integral ceramic solutions, capable of covering architectural structures with a beautiful and functional skin to thrill us and enhance our quality of life. Tau Ceramics take their inspiration from the serene balanced beauty of nature, transforming woods, marbles, stones and metals into ceramic products with superior technical and aesthetic features.

Towel Warmers & Radiators

Vogue UK

Vogue UK is one of the UK’s leading independent designers and manufacturers of towel warmers and radiators – and one of the few that still manufacture in the UK.  Vogue UK has built a reputation for creating stunning designs that add a sense of style to any room in your home. But, Vogue UK are equally passionate about manufacturing excellence and creating products that are as robust and durable as they are beautiful.